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Story Weaver – the crane returns a favor -

  • Organization : BOAT PEOPLE Association
  • Section : Collaboration
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Music, Theater, Dance, Visual Art / Media Art, Japanese Traditional Art, Interdisciplinary


“Weaving a story with sound and visuals through the medium of the piano”. The Story Weaver is a piano performance that tells a story as a physical live experience, along with optimizing Deep Space sounds in a huge theater space at the Ars Electronica Center. Based on “the crane returns a favor” which is one of the most popular oral-folk storys, this project aims to express Japanese culture to a wide range of people through experience-based performances.
“How can we explain this unique culture to a wideer range of people worldwide, through collaboration with Ars Electronica?” The question was asked by Maki Namekawa, a Japanese pianist based in Linz. In response, the composer Chiaki Ishikawa and illustrator Emiko Ogawa joined forces. Following this, Naohiro Hayaishi (visual programmer), Tetsuro Yasunaga (workshop programmer) and Hideaki Ogawa (art director) joined the team.


BOAT PEOPLE Association
BOAT PEOPLE Association provides new ways of experiencing the urban waterscape. Each member works in different fields such as art, architecture, and urban planning. Seven board members provide knowledge, technology, and support toward achieving project goals, together with many other professional members with a stake in the waterscapes of the city.


Tetsuro Yasunaga
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BOAT PEOPLE Association
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Deep Space, Ars Electronica Center (Linz)