What we do

Collaborative Printmaking Studio and AIR Program

  • Organization : IMC International Committee Board
  • Section : In Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Visual Art / Media Art


In this project, we exchange opinions with Artist in Residence (AIR) and independent printmaking studios that function as social systems for dissemination and awareness of watercolor woodblock prints. 

– Dialogue with printmaking studios and Artist in Residence

a) Printmaking studio-AIR liaison committee
Persons in charge of the management and planning of AIR and printmaking studios that provide the space for printmaking overseas gather to exchange opinions on the future program and interaction.

b) Open forum World Printmaking Studios/AIR
Presentation through studios and AIR in participating countries in the liaison committee and the interaction between them.

c) Exhibition of works and catalogues provided by printmaking studios and AIR: Inter-nation & Interpretation
An exhibition that features the expression (replaced work) developed out of technical training and expansion of the expression through new inspirations acquired by the experience in the different environment (such as studios and AIR). Various catalogues concerning watercolor print is introduced.

d) Dialogue between paper manufacturers and artists; exhibition and sales of paper
When making watercolor prints, appropriate selection of printing paper (Japanese paper), which is the medium of its expression, is important for the print artist. The participants experience the exhibition of various printing paper. Artists and paper manufacturers exchange their opinions.


[International Mokuhanga Conference International Board]
Training programs on watercolor woodblock prints (AIR project. Nagasawa Art Park) have been held for foreign artists since 1997. One-hundred-and-thirty-six students from 30 countries have completed programs. International Mokuhanga Conference International Board (IMC International Board) is organized by experts from overseas art universities who have acquired the technique of watercolor woodblock prints at the Nagasawa Art Park.
The first International Mokuhanga Conference was held in June 2011. As an organization that deals with the dissemination and awareness raising of watercolor woodblock prints in the world, we aim to enhancement of our knowledge and technique, tools, and materials through networks among experts workdwide.


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