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  • Organization : Theater company RINKOGUN/Good Fellows Inc.
  • Section : Collaboration
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Theater


Honchos’ Meeting in Cowra was written and directed by Yoji Sakate and was performed in the Tokyo Performing Arts Festival in March 2013. It evoked a strong response and was highly evaluated. It is being re-created this year, the 70th anniversary since the escape of Japanese POWs in Cowra. It is an international collaboration with five actors from Australia.
At the allied prison camp in Cowra, New South Wales, on August 5, 1944, during the Pacific War, 545 Japanese POWs were planning an escape, the largest in history.

Written and directed by Yoji Sakate

Cast: Matthew Crosby, Sonny Vrebac, Baylea Davis, Sarah Jane Kelly, Jane Phegan, Mari Nakayama, Tenshi Kamogawa, Kenjiro Kawanaka, Tsunekazu Inokuma, and Takahiro Onishi他

Lighting: Isao Takebayashi (Ryumae Lighting) 
Audio: Takeshi Shima (Stage Office)
Stage Art: Jiro Shima
Stage Manager: Jun-ichi Takahashi
Production Coordinators: Michihiro Furumoto, Junko Kondo


RINKOGUN produces a series of ambitious new productions form a journalistic viewpoint on fresh topics featuring themes of conflict between communities and individuals. Most are written and directed by its leader, Yoji Sakate. Except for the three to five new productions in staged in Japan that featured a high level of social and experimental expression and power, the company has performed in 23 cities in 14 countries worldwide, including its Capital City of the Gods and The Attic. Its productions are direct with criticism of society, and show a deep and critical understanding of Japanese culture, language, and expression. RINKOGUN pursues contemporary topics on stage, and promotes experimental expressions.


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