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Rat-Kid Jirokichi

  • Organization : Ryuzanji Company
  • Section : Overseas
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Theater


Theft from the rich in order to help those who are poor is a common theme. Nezumi Kozo Jirokichi is at the center of one such story. Following law of cause and effect, gets related people into trouble one after another.Rat-Kid Jirokichi is a musical that features a compelling and true story presented with tate, corp de ballet, and puppets and has a pop feeling.
The well-known kabuki playwright, Mokuami, wrote this hit two years after a great earthquake in Edo, today’s Tokyo. After the last large earthquake, we tried to modernize this kabuki play to bring it alive for today’s audiences. The production is an active play featuring 12 Japanese actors who experienced first-hand the devestating earthquake and tsumani in North-East Japan.

Written by Mokuami KAWATAKE
Directed by Show RYUZANJI
Cast: Kazuhiro Ueda, Takuhei Kozu, Iwao, Munekazu Tani, and Naomi Hirano


Ryuzanji Company
Since its establishment to provide opportunities for actors to work together, Ryuzanji Company played a pioneering role in producing leading performances. The company’s representative work is Educating Mad Persons by Shuji Terayama. It won the Grand-Prix award in the Victoria International Fringe Theatre Festival. The company has participated in many festivals including the Cairo International Festival for Experimental Theatre, and has performed in 20 cities worldwide. Its foreign play, URINETOWN, The Musical, won the Kinokuniya Theatre Award, and its HIGH LIFE won the Grand-Prix award in the 5th Aichi Arts Theatre Festival.


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