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KIGEKI ~Make an event from "Discription"

  • Organization : Chiharu Shinoda
  • Section : In Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Theater


In 2012, Chiharu Shinoda left faifai to live in Bangkok, Thailand. The current project was launched in the run-up to her theatrical performance scheduled for 2015.
What is Kigeki?
Kigeki is aimed at creating events through the body and space as media which creates opportunities for people to come together and communicate, transcend time, and remain forever. It contemplates the question, “What defines a play?” A body, a musical score, a picture, or text that describes an event? This performance consists of two showings.
Structured, written, and directed by Chiharu Shinoda
Program A: Body/Musical score
– The Short Chatri/Title called [Body]
Actor: Mai Nakabayashi
Images by Kota Ishii
– Musical score: from dance score
Actor: Mari Fukudome
Images by: Kota Ishii
Program B: Picture/Text
– Drawing workshop [Picture]
Model: Yuko Tsujimura
*The audience is asked to sketch the model
Play [Text]
Actors: Keita Saito (Shibuhouse), Rino Daidoji (faifai), Yasushi Takeda, Yuko Tsujimura, Shinya Natsume (Tokyo Deathlock)


Chiharu Shinoda
Chiharu Shinoda is a writer and a stage director who loves life. She composes music that positions people, objects, and events in unique ways. Born in Tokyo in 1982, she started faifai (formerly Koyubichi) in 2004 with her college peers when she was a student studying moving images and performing arts at Tama Art University, and performed as a core member until leaving the company in 2012. She currently (2013) lives in Bangkok, Thailand.

Her works center on collective production by people who voluntarily come to the venue of creation, and characterized most by concepts developed to allocate each piece of material to the right places. These concepts can be at times romantic and playful, yet, as a whole, they are basically like systematic musical scores.


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