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  • Organization : YOUKIZA
  • Section : In Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Theater, Japanese Traditional Art


Planned as the first commemorative play marking the 380th anniversary of Youkiza. This was the first piece written by Yukikazu Kanou for a theater company other than his Hanagumi Shibai. It is based on Ningyotsukai in Hanshichi Torimonocho by Kido Okamoto.

Based on the friendship between Kido Okamoto and ninth-generation Magosaburo Yuki, the play is set in a playhouse managed by eighth-generation Magosaburo Yuki, who lived through the turbulent times spanning from the end of the Edo era to the Meiji era in the late 19th century.

The story is as follows:
At the end of the Edo era, Youkiza loses its marionette master Kiccho to food poisoning just before the first day of the play Kagamiyama Kokyou no Nishikie (the Color Prints of Kagamiyama). Believing there is something suspicious about the death, Hanshichi begins his own investigation, and finds out that threads of love, hate, and karmic connections surrounding Kiccho led to the murder disguised as food poisoning. The lively play exposes jealousy mixed with sorrow and all together, these lead to another tragedy. And the truth of the case is…

The story is told in live gidayuu composed by Entaro Tsuruzawa throughout the play, and Kagamiyama Kokyou no Nishikie ibecomes a play within a play. The classic serving as the base for Youkiza.


Founded by first-generation Magosaburo Yuki in 1635 during the Edo period. Youkiza is a puppetry company with 380 years of history and is currently led by the twelfth-generation Magosaburo Yuki. The puppet theater is designated as an intangible folk culture property and as a Tokyo Metropolitan intangible folk cultural property. Its activities range from performing new plays and transfering pictures to international collaborative productions based on classics. Youkiza also offers hands-on workshops as well as long-term professional training for people of all ages to familiarize the public more with the puppet theater and to nurture successors.


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