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  • Organization : Kodomokyojin
  • Section : In Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Theater


Invited to the Owl Spot Shakespeare Festival 2014 (The Owl Spot theater festival hosted by the Toshima Performing Arts Center. Kodomokyojin was performed as a drama representative of Takashi Masuyama. Based on Macbeth, one of the four major tragedys by William Shakespeare, this piece centers on two princes who flee their country after the King, their father, is killed by the protagonist Macbeth. Kodomokyojin believes that escape from the homeland is a very contemporary subject matter. In Japan, the Great East Japan Earthquake forced many people from their hometowns and the nuclear disaster in Fukushima forced local residents to leave the land they had been born and raised on. Wars have displaced countless numbers of people from their homes worldwide. This play aims to illuminate the cost of as a backdrop to the flight by depicting the two princes allegorically to examine mankind’s karma.


KODOMOKYOJIN is a theatrical troupe formed in 2005 by brothers Takashi and Kanji Masuyama. Music along with conversations dramatize tales by spinning a visual hallucination. Performances are usually described as full of surreal & black humor mixed together. The original plays
are filled with satire and fantasy carrying audiences into and through the world of nostalgia and surprise.
Works include “IE Series”, a performance staged in a 100 year-old Japanese style house with only 20 seats, Its musical series, feature strange music, such as samurai-musical) with dancing, singing, and live music featured in tours around the town.


Mizuho Sasaki
Production Manager
Tel: +81-(0)80-3294-2450
E-mail: mizu◆kodomokyojin.com
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OWL SPOT (Toshima Performing Arts Center)(Toshima City, Tokyo)