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Japan’s premier solo taiko drummer, EITETSU HAYASHI with FU-UN no KAI in Concert “NATURE’S RHYTHM” North & Central America Tour

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As part of the Japan-Caricom Friendship Year 2014, Eitetsu Hayashi has been appointed as cultural ambassador. While based mainly in NY, he will present his on-going Taiko Music (latest stage performance of Taiko), introducing his own next-generation Taiko group, EITETSU FU-UN no KAI, to the world. This performance is a good opportunity to showcase his latest work and creation for Taiko enthusiasts in North America. Cultural encounters and exchanges with musicians from the Caribbean, where Latino rhythms are rich and famous, will enhance Eitetsu Hayashi and his World Music from Japan.

Starring: Eitetsu Hayashi (music, lyrics, choreograph) and EITETSU FU-UN no KAI (Shuichiro Ueda, Mikita Hase, Makoto Tashiro and Tasuku Tsuji)


Eitetsu Hayashi
A founding member of the Sado Onidaiko Za (1971-1981) and Kodo, he has been a central figure in developing creative Japanese drum performances. He started his solo career in 1982, after establishing the foundation for the Taiko performing arts. His first performance at the Carnegie Hall in 1984 won him international acclaim as a Taiko soloist, unprecedented in modern music. He established new performing techniques for Odaiko solo, and developed his unique Taiko style. His accomplishments have given taiko its status as an instrument with infinite creative potential.


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