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Tokyo Gen'On Project #03, #04

  • Organization : Tokyo Gen'On Project
  • Section : In Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Music


Regular performances are mainly composed of two streams; the composer’s selection, a program in which one composer presents his/her commissioned work and choices of numbers; and the musician’s selection, in which one of the performing members selects the program. This year, Adachi Tomomi, the composer/performer based in Germany will present her program including her newly commissioned piece. For the musician’s selection, Oishi Masanori performs his unique program by the theme of “Torios with saxophone.”

#03: Composer’s Selection 2 – ADACHI Tomomi
ADACHI Tomomi “Ancient Chinese Experimental Music -From Tue Jing- No. 1 + No. 2” (W.P.)
Richard Barrett “Codex I” (2001)
Peter Ablinger “Ohne Titel 1-10” (2005)
Alvin Curran “Inner Cities 3” (1999) etc.

#04: Musician’s Selection 2 – Oishi Masanori
Stefano Gervasoni “Ligirio” etc.


Tokyo Gen’On Project
Formed in 2012 by top performers of modern music, Tokyo Gen’On provides new opportunities for artists from the performer’s viewpoint, which cover programs focused on first forays in Japan, uniquely formed commissions, and workshops for young performers, composers and staff members. Its 2013 production “Tokyo Gen’On Project #01” won the 13th Keizo Saji Award by the Suntory Foundation for Arts.
Starring: Arima Sumihisa (electronics), Oishi Masanori (saxophone), Kanda Yoshiko (percussion), Kuroda Aki (piano) and Hashimoto Shinya (tuba).


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Tokyo Gen’On Project

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