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SCOT Kichijoji Theatre Performances and Suzuki's Theatre Class for Young Theatre Artists

  • Organization : Suzuki Company of Toga
  • Section : In Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Theater


Performances of three productions directed by Suzuki Tadashi, and a theatre class for young theatre artists.

December 12 – 16, 2013
King Lear
Performed in Japanese, Korean, and Chinese
King Lear has captured the hearts of audiences all over the world. This stage incorporates Suzuki Tadashi’s personal philosophy that “the world is a hospital.” Actors who have acquired the skill to express his unique style have gathered from China, Japan, and Korea to perform in this play.

Directed by Suzuki Tadashi
Written by William Shakespeare
Starring: Lee Sung Won / Byun Yoo Jeong / Park Sun Hee / Lee Eun Young / Tian Chong / Niihori Kiyosumi / Fujimoto Yasuhiro / Hiragaki Takato / Naito Chieko / Others

December 19 – 22, 2013
Mother of My Dreams (Mabuta no Haha) -New Adaptation-

A new work that deals with the eternally wandering hearts of the Japanese people. Visions of the lost heart of “Nippon Jin” are seen in the fantasies of a lonely mother.

Directed by Suzuki Tadashi
Based on the story by Hasegawa Shin
Starring: Kato Masaharu / Ueta Daisuke / Ishikawa Haruo / Saito Maki / Sato-Johnson Aki / Others

December 26, 2013
Cinderella, a musical for parents and their children
A Cinderella with music by Prokofiev, Rosinni, and Adamo’s chansons. The first children’s play Suzuki Tadashi has directed in his long history in theatre. In this Cinderella there is no prince.

Directed by Suzuki Tadashi
Based on the story by the Grimm Brothers
Cast: Takemori Yoichi / Shiohara Michitomo / Kiyama Haruka/ Kito Risa / Nakamura Sayaka / Others

December 23 – 25, 2013
“Suzuki’s Theatre Class for Young Theatre Artists”
Director Suzuki will show rehearsals of Cinderella, and discuss his theories of theatre and directing to young artists who aim to lead the future theatre world. Free admission.


After founding the Waseda Shogekijo in 1966 in Shinjuku, Suzuki Tadashi moved his troupe to Toga Village, Toyama in 1976 and renamed it SCOT. Many of SCOT’s most important works, such as Dionysus and Greetings from the Edge of the Earth, were born in Toga. These works have been invited and performed all over the world, and the company has become a representative of modern theatre in Japan, travelling and performing in 84 cities and 31 countries.
SCOT has also created a number of international collaborative works, such as King Lear with the Moscow Art Theatre, Electra with the Arko Arts Theater in Korea, and Cinderella with the Shanghai Theatre Academy.


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Kichijoji Theatre (Musashino City, Tokyo)