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Health Care Seminar vol.9

  • Organization : The Total Health Care for Artists Japan (THCA Japan)
  • Section : In Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Interdisciplinary


Health Care Seminar vol.9 offers various programs to help artists maximize their potentials and take care of their most important tool: their bodies.
Specialists will lead these seminars and teach artists how to approach their bodies outside of their regular training in order to avoid injury and improve their techniques.
Seminars are divided into three categories: workshops on practical training, lectures to enhance knowledge of mental training and health management, and medical examinations and individual consultations to perceive own health well.
Participants are free to select any programs.


The Total Health Care for Artists Japan
The Total Health Care for Artists Japan (THCA Japan) is a NPO, which providing support to artists on their health care issues. It is aimed at developing and promoting healthcare programs that are useful for artists to realize their own talents. In addition to introducing doctors to artists and subsidizing medical expenses, the NPO performs surveys and organizes seminar workshops to share information on how best to treat artists. By creating a network of artists and healthcare professionals, it connects artists with medicine and training.


Fumiyo Kosone
Total Health Care for Artists Japan
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Geino-Kadensha (Shinjuku City, Tokyo)