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Cleansed Project 04: Viva Death

  • Organization : KAMOME-ZA Theatre Company
  • Section : In Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Theater


The “Cleansed Project”, a far-out fringe effort by Makoto Sato’s private theatre troupe “KAMOME-ZA,” has performed English playwright Sarah Kane’s play Cleansed in conjunction with young theatre director Tomoco Kawaguchi and a variety of contemporary and Butoh dancers, musicians, and actors. Since 2010, they have performed three versions of Cleansed with different theatre style. For the last part, they will be performing Viva Death. After completing Cleansed, Sarah Kane wrote Viva Death, a “nuclear tragedy,” but she decided to never have it performed. This performance is our attempt at recreating this legendary lost play based on the title she left behind and the performances we have given so far.

Director: Tomoco Kawaguchi
Starring: Kosuke Suzuki / Kanya Takeda / Naoko Takimoto / Aki Tsujita / Ayano


Tomoco Kawaguchi
Born in 1983. Graduate of Tokyo Gakugei University’s master’s program. Studied under Makoto Sato, a playwright, director. In recent years, she has participated as a Dramaturg in Makoto Sato’s plays. In 2008, she began a joint project with a group of researchers called ‘beckett café’, performing Rockaby, Not I, and Play. (All with new translations by Minako Okamuro). In 2013, she began the Cross Cultural Dialogue Project ABSOLUTE AIRPLANE in hopes of creating a mobile art spot across Asia. The project was started in conjunction with Cheuk Cheung (Zuni Icosahedron), and Small Drama Big Theatre Asia Forum.


Tomoco Kawaguchi
Tel: +81- 80-9676-0582
E-mail: cleansed2010◆gmail.com
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space EDGE (Shibuya City, Tokyo)