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Integrated Dance Company's Establishment and Creation Process (tentative title)

  • Organization : Creative Art Executive Committee
  • Section : Collaboration
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Dance


During the first year of the company’s establishment, workshops will be held for the disabled and the non-disabled while its members are selected. They will also pursue a unique, inclusive dance style. They are incorporating the latest in foreign advances into their work with Jo Perkes (2/2014) and a former Artistic Director Adam Benjamin of Candoco Dance Company (7/2014). Afterwards, choreographers Takiko Iwabuchi and Yukio Suzuki will work with the company members to produce two separate dance pieces as a Work in Progress at the end of September. In addition, through workshops with the disabled at local areas and schools, they will work to spread community dance, and employ a program to help young dancers work with the disabled.


Creative Art Executive Committee
Established in 1990, they have strived to find new art forms through the disabled and the non-disabled working together. Through their activities, they have given the disabled a place and program to express themselves, and by giving young Japanese choreographers a chance to work with them, they have allowed those choreographers to open themselves to new possibilities. (A joint project of Kim Itoh and Adam Benjamin, with Un Yamada and Amici, Ryohei Kondo and Candoco, and others.)


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Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre (Toshima City, Tokyo)
Owl Spot (Toshima City, Tokyo)
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