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Tokyo Deathlock + 12th Tongue Theatre Studio They Were Three!

  • Organization : Unlock Association
  • Section : Overseas
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Theater


They Were Three!, which was first performed in 2006 in Japan, will be performed with a Korean cast. This work is based on the motifs of Moto Hagio’s popular They Were Eleven!, a comic which has been translated into Korean. It deals with the collapse, reconstruction, projection, and fixation of identity between three different people. This almost philosophical theme is presented in a comedic manner. Last year it was translated and performed overseas for the first time, and this will be its second performance. The first performance was well-received, and was reported in the Korean Theatre Review. Its revival after only a year speaks to its popularity in Seoul.

Playwright/director: TADA Junnosuke
Adaptator: SUNG Ki-Woong
Starring: BEAK Jong-Seoung, CHOI So-Young, KIM Hoon-Man
Interpretation/Translation/Dramaturgy: LEE Hong-Lee
Scenographer: KIM Da-Jeong
Lighting Designer: LEE Myong-Jin


Tokyo Deathlock
Founded in 2001. Its focus on the actor’s body, the audience, the theatre space and the action occurring right before your eyes makes them unique. They do anything from old classics to modern plays and performance works. They aggressively pursue outreach efforts in educational facilities all across the nation, while focusing on returning to their roots in Tokyo. They work with others both inside and outside of Japan, including performances and collaborations in Korea and France.

12th Tongue Theatre Studio
A young artist group that seeks to use theatre as a jumping off point for new forms of creation and expression. They create delicate small-theatre plays, adapting literary works to the stage, and collaborate with other countries in an effort to traverse the boundaries between genres and cultures.


Hattori Etsuko
Tokyo Deathlock
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E-mail: deathlock◆specters.net
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Jeongbo Little Theater (Small size), Seoul