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NEXT Performing Arts Management School
Takuo Miyanaga Seminar

  • Organization : Nevula Extra Support
  • Section : In Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Theater, Dance


It is a series of seminars for performing arts professionals, especially performing arts producers. Seminars with such themes as “Development of administrative skills,” “The mentality you need to keep being a performing arts producer,” and “Building space for enhancing network” have been held aiming to promote training of arts managers who can work to expand the influence of the entire field of performing arts on society and to stimulate performing arts business. The fourth semester will be a five-day learning program with Takuo Miyanaga, Executive Producer of theatre company “mamagoto”, as a lecturer. Miyanaga has produced all of mamagoto’s works, including Waga Hoshi (Our Planet), the winner of the 54th Kishida Kunio Drama Award.
Through this program, Next will be trying to identify and examine the problems that the participants faced with in order to explore possibilities of solutions through mainly group discussions among the lecturers and participants.


Nevula Extra Support
AKA Next. Based on their belief that art is made possible to function effectively in society not only by artists but by producers as well, Next was established in 2002 to enhance working environment for producers. It has been working on projects such as a flyer distribution service to help reduce producers’ excessive tasks an information website and online newsletter for arts management as well as meetings for performing arts managers to facilitate their networking, discuss and hopefully solve the problems that the performing arts field is faced with.


Kenta Fujiwara
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Nevula Extra Support
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