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Enthusiastic Dance on the Grave
(ImPulsTanz // Vienna International Dance Festival #31)

  • Organization : Ko & Edge Co.
  • Section : Overseas
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Dance


This is an overseas performance of Enthusiastic Dance on the Grave, which was choreographed by Ko Murobushi for his WS students in Japan and was presented at Festival ˂outside˃ 1001 in Yokohama in November 2013.
Its performance at ImPulsTanz (the Vienna International Dance Festival, the world’s largest and best dance festival) will be its first in Europe. Murobushi has mainly performed Solo in ImPulsTanz, so his new choreographed piece, Enthusiastic Dance that on the Grave, will attract a great deal of attention.

Choreographer: Ko Murobushi
Starring: Teita Iwabuchi, Yo Nakamura, Others


Ko Murobushi
Ko Murobushi is one of the best known Butoh artists in the world, and is recognized as a leading inheritor of Hijikata’s original vision of Butoh. Since his base moved to Europe, he founded two Butoh companies: the female company “Ariadne” in 1974, and the male company “Sebi” in 1978. He has spread Butoh all over Europe with these two companies. Over the following decades, his work has led him around the world. In 2003, he formed a unit called “Ko & Edge Co.” with three Japanese dancers; and presented Handsome Blue Sky at the JADE2003 Hijikata Memorial to considerable acclaim.
In 2004, this unit presented a new series titled “Experimental Body,” whose goal was to search for the “edge” in a physical way.
His choreography and solo performances have cemented his position as one of the most reputed representatives of Butoh; but at the same time, he is always eager to collaborate with various artists. His latest solo performance is called quick silver; and his latest duo performance, with Bartabas, is called Le Centaure et l’animal. These acclaimed pieces are leading him to a world tour, and giving his audiences the impression of a new era.


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Volks Theater, Vienna (tentative)
(ImPulsTanz // Vienna International Dance Festival #31)