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WASABI Live In Taipei

  • Organization : Japan Traditional Cultures Foundation
  • Section : Overseas
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Japanese Traditional Art


For the 20th anniversary of its foundation, the Japan Traditional Cultures Foundation will host a concert performed by WASABI in Taiwan.
WASABI was founded by Ryoichiro Yoshida, a Tsugaru-Shamisen (three-string Japanese instrument) player and member of the highly-regarded “Yoshida Brothers”, in conjunction with Hiromu Motonaga (Shakuhachi / Japanese bamboo flute), Shin Ichikawa (Koto / 13-string Japanese harp), and Naosaburo Bihou (Taiko / Japanese Drum). His hope was that he could “Pursue the ‘coolness of Japan’ through relying solely on Japanese instruments, and share that with the young people.” WASABI held concerts mainly in Tokyo and school performances all across Japan. And performing at Live House in Taiwan, a center for young Asians, particularly in Chinese culture, they will present the cutting-edge of traditional Japanese music to the Taipei music scene.


Japan Traditional Cultures Foundation
Established as a public service enterprise to investigate, record, store and publish the traditional arts and cultures of Japan. They have created the “Historical Records Archive,” which exists to preserve traditional music for the future, and worked with multidisciplinary efforts with record makers in the education and artistic genres. Through finding, recording, preserving, and making available excellent examples of the nation’s intangible cultural heritage and folklore cultural assets, which might otherwise be lost, they hope to restore and spread Japan’s traditional culture with both future generations of Japanese and with the entire world.


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