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Box in the Big Trunk

  • Organization : Niwa Gekidan Penino / Arche LLC.
  • Section : Overseas
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Theater


Three strange, dark, and fantastic stage projects begun at Theatre Studio Hakobune every four years since 2004, combined into a single “box” to create a new work. They have also developed a shocking new stage prop that spreads the world of the play out in a horizontal manner. The infinite loop that traverses through this 3+1 world/space will bring an experience that is by turns terrifying and joyous. This world, a Niwagekidan Penino-style Alice in Wonderland, is sure to be raw, tragic, and enchanting.

Writer/Director: Kuro Tanino
Starring: Ikuma Yamada / Ichigo Iida / Taeko Seguchi / Momoi Shimada


Niwagekidan Penino
Niwagekidan Penino (Theater the Garden Penino) was formed in 2000 by Tanino Kuro with members of the university’s drama club. Their Frustrating Picture Book for Adults, first performed in the Hakobune theater in 2008, toured to HAU in Berlin; the Theaterspektakl in Switzerland; the Norderzone in the Netherlands; the Nextfestival in Belgium; and to Münster in Germany. The Room, Nobody Knows was performed in Osaka, Helsinki, and Lucerne. In December 2012, they performed Little Bouli Miro’s Big Adventure in conjunction with Institut-Francais Tokyo and Owl Spot. This work showed Tanino Kuro’s new talent and won excellent reviews.


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