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  • Organization : The Foundation for Child Well-being (Kodomonoshiro Aoyama Theatre/Aoyama Round Theatre)
  • Section : Collaboration
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Dance


Montreal, Busan and Tokyo each year produce numerous contemporary dance works. Dance-X13 is a once in two year dance project by Tangente (Canada), LIG Art Hall (South Korea), and Aoyama Theatre (Japan) that is performed in the three theaters. These three theaters are where many of the contemporary dance works are created, and the event features emerging choreographers from the three countries. The project begun in 2008 and this year is the third installment. In addition to the performances, each host city will run lectures, post-performance talks, dance workshops, and creation workshops run by the performing artists.

Participating choreographers: Teita Iwabuchi and Kaori Seki (Japan); Helen Simoneau (Canada/U.S.); and Su Hyun Kim (South Korea)


Teita Iwabuchi
As a dancer, Teita has worked with APE, Nibroll, Itoh Kim + Kagayaku Mirai, Co.Yamada Un, and Ko & Edge. Co. In 2012, Teita won the French Embassy Prize for Young Choreographers with Hetero, a joint work choreographed with Kaori Seki, at Yokohama Dance Collection EX 2012. Teita is a member of performance group Mure.

Kaori Seki
Kaori performed in works by Un Yamada, Kakuya Ohashi, and other producers as a dancer, and in 2003 she commenced her own creative endeavors. In 2007, Kaori launched Mure with other artists of her age. In 2012, Kaori won the French Embassy Prize for Young Choreographers with Hetero at Yokohama Dance Collection EX 2012. She also won the Next Age Choreographer Award with Marmont at Toyota Choreography Award 2012.


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Tangente, Montreal
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