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Sora no harmonica: Watashi ga Misuzu datta koro no koto

  • Organization : Engeki Unit Tegami-za
  • Section : In Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Theater


In 1923, Teru Kaneko made her dazzling debut as a children’s poetry author under the name “Misuzu Kaneko.” In an age where women were not allowed to receive an education, she chose to end her life in suicide at 26 in exchange for the education promised for her daughter. This performance is of the last few years of her life. By showing her life as well as that of her daughter, Fusako, who lived by herself in the years following WWII, it compares and contrasts both the pre- and post-war through the eyes of two strong-willed independent women. The story is a tale of the bonds between a mother and a daughter who in reality never spoke to one another.

Author: Ikue Osada / Director: Takuya Senda / Starring: Mika Ishimura, others


Engeki Unit Tegami-za
A modern theater troupe that performs plays written by Ikue Osada. Osada’s plays focus on dialogue, drama, and motives of the heart, and attempt to create an atmosphere that is only possible in the theater. These high-quality plays are performed in Tokyo, as well as theaters all around Japan, and bring drama to an audience of all ages for their enjoyment and enrichment.


Akihisa Fujita
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Za-Koenji Public Theatre (Suginami City, Tokyo)