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August Festival: The 34th Concert by Tokyo Philharmonic Chorus

  • Organization : Association for Promoting Choral Music
  • Section : In Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Music


This performance builds on the work done with Hikaru Hayashi, and is the first public performance of a new style of singing. Rikuya Terashima, who has handled piano and conducting for the group in the past, will be invited back to conduct.
Along with the annual performance of Scenes from Hiroshima, there will be a singing performance of Terashima’s On the Wind toward Home Town composed in 2005. The lyrics are from the poet Kozo Takeuchi, who died at the age of 23 fighting in the Philippines during WWII. This young man’s powerful, touching words speak across time to a modern audience. This performance of the medley will add another of his poems with a song written by Terashima. There will also be a performance entitled “Little Box of Songs,” a collection of Japanese lyric songs, with Terashima on piano and singing.


Tokyo Philharmonic Chorus
The Tokyo Philharmonic Chorus, founded in 1956 by graduates of the Vocal Music Department of Tokyo University of the Arts, is Japan’s foremost independent professional choir. The chorus mainly performs in concerts, and pioneers and popularizes a wide range of singing pieces from different periods and genres. They hold more than 200 concerts annually in Japan and overseas. Since its inception, the Tokyo Philharmonic Chorus has commissioned and premiered over 200 works. The chorus covers both classical and modern songs from all over the world. They recieved the Suntory Music Award and Kenzo Nakajima Music Award in 2007.


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