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The 11th Concert by Soho 21

  • Organization : Soho 21 (Composers' Organization for Traditional Japanese Music)
  • Section : In Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Music, Japanese Traditional Art


The first Soho 21 Concert was held in 2000. This concert, the 11th, features an even greater number of works, and more variety than ever before. The first half of the concert will showcase heartfelt, individual works on separate themes by members of the Soho 21 group. The second half contains works on the theme of Kojiki, in light of the book’s 1300 anniversary last year. The concert will highlight the current trends and future of traditional Japanese music.


Soho 21 (Composers’ Organization for Traditional Japanese Music)
Started in 1964 as the Sosaku Hogaku Kenkyukai by Chotatsuro Imafuji III and others, as an activity intended to cross schools of Japanese music and generations. They produced significant results for 10 years. Encouraged by Masataro Imafuji and Jougu Kineya, experienced members of the group, began to hold study meetings in 1996 and gathered many aspiring songwriters from various genres in the Japanese music industry. In 1997, 13 members of this group officially formed Soho 21 and established a literary division. Since then, the group has been holding numerous study meetings and dress rehearsals. Since the first concert at Nihonbashi Hall in 2000, the group has put on concerts almost once a year.


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Nihonbashi Hall at Nihonbashi Kokaido (Chuo City, Tokyo)