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Tokyo Gen'On Project #01, #02

  • Organization : Tokyo Gen'On Project
  • Section : In Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Music


The world of modern music in the 21st century is one in which new forms of expression are constantly being invented; however, it still takes time for the latest trends to hit Japan. There are also many historical pieces from the 21st century which are simply not played in Japan due to their difficulty. Furthermore, with the exception of a very small collection of composers, there is practically no modern music from Japan that is known to the outside world. Tokyo Gen’On Project, an ensemble group composed of performers in the forefront of the modern music field in Japan, hopes to change this situation by introducing quality works from both inside and outside Japan. For this year’s “Italian Selection,” they have invited composer Yoichi Sugiyama, who currently resides in Italy, to write a new piece for them. Member Sumihisa Arima has chosen a particularly difficult piece by Luigi Nono.


Tokyo Gen’On Project
Formed in 2012 by artists in the forefront of the Japanese modern music field. They continue to present and propose unique perspective from the musician’s side by providing programs with pieces which have never been played in Japan before, new work commisions for their original formation of the instrument, and workshops for young musicians, composers and sound engineers.
The current members are Sumihisa Arima (Electronics), Masanori Oishi (Saxaphone), Yoshiko Kanda (Percussion), Aki Kuroda (Piano), and Shinya Hashimoto (Tuba). Their past performances include Shinya Hashimoto x Sumihisa Arima Duo Recital (July 2012), Tokyo Gen’On Project #00 (September 2012), and Workshop Series Lab #01, Playing method of Brass Instruments.


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Suginami Kokaidou (Suginami City, Tokyo), Auditorium “Umberto Agnelli” (Chiyoda City, Tokyo)