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Camel Arts' Tours to Paris and Mexico

  • Organization : Dairakudakan/Camel Arts Co., Ltd.
  • Section : Overseas
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Dance


Butoh still attracts great interest from all over the world as a performing art form unique to Japan. In the forty years since its founding in 1972, Dairakudakan and its many Butoh artists have explored new forms of expressions and striven towards their own creative output.
The troupe gave performances in Paris and Mexico City with the aim of communicating the fruits of their efforts to the world, influencing global performing arts, and raising awareness of the wonders of Butoh.

[Paris, France]
Dairakudakan “CRAZY CAMEL”
Choreography and direction: Akaji Maro
[Mexico City, Mexico]
Dairakudakan “Hai no Hito –Hombre de Cenizas-”
Choreography and direction: Akaji Maro


Founded as one of the first Butoh dance companies in 1972 by Akaji Maro, based on his strong beliefs about Tempu-Tenshiki*1 and Miburi-Teburi*2. Dairakudakan has produced more than 60 pieces up to today. It emerged onto the international scene in 1982, when the company made its international debut in France and U.S. Its performance had a great impact and contributed greatly to the awareness of Butoh in the world. Since then, the word, Butoh, has spread out throughout the world and the style of dance, and Butoh has had a great impact on other contemporary dances and art scenes.
In addition to his passion for creating new work, Maro’s mission is to develop young dancers, and he is producing a great number of competent Butoh dancers and dance groups.

*1 Tempu-Tenshiki: A word created by Maro. It means that “Being born in the world is a great talent itself.”
*2 Miburi-Teburi: Originally refers to a way of using (moving) our hands and bodies. Here, Maro uses the word as a way of approaching our daily, elementary movements to be incorporated into his works.


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Maison de la culture du Japon a Paris, Paris, France
Sala Miguel Covarrubias, Mexico City, Mexico