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Residency Program Tambuco-Japan

  • Organization : Committee for Residency Program Tambuco-Japan
  • Section : Overseas
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Music


This is a creative cultural exchange initiative from the Tambuco Percussion Ensemble together with four young Japanese composers selected by Tambuco: Takumi Ikeda, Masamichi Kinoshita, Tomoko Momiyama and Toshiya Watanabe. Under the supervision of Tambuco, participants in this international collaborative project give concerts premiering works generated through a creative residency in Mexico, during which they take part in research and workshops, and live alongside the performers.

Lecture I (Conferencia)
Cuatro Visiones de la Música contemporánea japoesa
Venue: Sala de Ensayos, Escuela Nacional de Música, UNAM
Escuela Nacional de Música, UNAM

Lecture II (Ciclos de Sesiones Escucha dirijida)
Cuatro Visiones de la Música contemporánea japoesa
Venue: Auditorio Murray Schafer, Fonoteca Nacional
Fonoteca Nacional

Takumi Ikeda: LaCaverna (sin Alegoría)
Masamichi Kinoshita: Les enfants de la mer qui ont perdu la memoire de l’eau II
Tomoko Momiyama: Moons of Hidden Times
Toshiya Watanabe: A sign

Toru Takemitsu: Rain Tree (1981)
Minoru Miki: Marimba Spiritual (1983-84)


Committee for Residency Program Tambuco-Japan
The committee was established in 2012 to contribute to arts and cultural exchange between Japan and Mexico, and the development of arts and culture. The aim of this tie-up with Mexico-based Tambuco Percussion Ensemble is to plan and deliver creative international collaboration programs supporting the activities of Japanese composers and performers in residence programs overseas, as well as to discover and nurture young Japanese composers and support the development of their professional activities on a global basis.


Sala de EnsayosSala, Xochipilli National School of Music, UNAM (Mexico City, Mexico)