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Collaboration of Rokudan (koto music) and Credo (Gregorian chant) in Italy 2012

  • Organization : Japan Traditional Cultures Foundation
  • Section : Overseas
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Music


Musicologist Tatsuo Minagawa believes that the koto piece “Rokudan” is based on the Gregorian chant “Credo,” brought to Japan in the 16th century by Christian missionaries. Based on this theory, which Minagawa presented to the The Musicological Society of Japan, there will be an actual performance of a combined version of Rokudan and Credo at the International Musicological Society Congress in Rome (headquarters of the Catholic Church), and various churches in the city.

Paerformaers and staff:
Lecture and direction: Tatsuo Minagawa
Medieval Music Choir
Kotos: Souju Nosaka, Mizuyo Komiya
Commentator: Satoko Kubota


Japan Traditional Cultures Foundation
Established as a public service enterprise to investigate, record, store and publish the traditional arts and cultures of Japan. They have created the “Historical Records Archive,” which exists to preserve traditional music for the future, and worked with multidisciplinary efforts with record makers in the education and artistic genres. Through finding, recording, preserving, and making available excellent examples of the nation’s intangible cultural heritage and folklore cultural assets, which might otherwise be lost, they hope to restore and spread Japan’s traditional culture with both future generations of Japanese and with the entire world.


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Concert 1: Santa Prassede, Roma
Concert 2: Oratorio del Caravita, Roma
Concert 3: Auditorium Parco della Musica, Roma