What we do

Jiutamai Performance in Lithuania and Japan -Harmony of Nature, History and Traditional Peroforming Arts-

  • Organization : Jiutamai Fukyu Association
  • Section : Overseas
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Japanese Traditional Art


Jiutamai dancing represents the refinement and aesthetic sense of the Edo culture that lies at the foundations of Japanese tradition. The true worth of Jiutamai will be transmitted internationally with these performances, to be held at five venues in three cities across Lithuania (with an audience of about 1,200.) After all the performances, there will be workshops with the entire crew involved (the dancers, accompanists, traditional hairstylists, costumiers, dressers and make-up artists) in an effort to give the audience an overall understanding of the cultural climate that fostered this form of entertainment.


Jiutamai Fukyu Association
The Association aims to contribute to the promotion of the arts by spreading and developing Jiutamai dance, thus cultivating enriched humanity. Activities and achievements to date include hands-on experience classes at elementary schools and nursery schools, the holding of dance-driven exchange events in support of Tohoku, Jiutamai performances, workshops for simple dance play in Jiutamai, and regular overseas performances starting with performances in Lithuania in 2012. Numerous grants from many organizations like the Japan Foundation, Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Minato-ku and the EU-Japan Fest among others enable the Association to continue with a wide range of activities.


Kaunas University (Kauno Kolegija), The National Kaunas Drama Theatre (Kaunas,Lithuania)
Vilnius University, Arts Printing house (Vilnius,Lithuania)
Conference halls in sanatorium “Eglė” in Druskininkai (Druskininkai, Lithuania)