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Ohmiyamae Local Performing Artists:
Performance in Kathmandu

  • Organization : Ohmiyamae Local Performing Artists
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Ohmiyamae Local Performing Artists will present Matsuri-bayashi, Shishi-mai, and Sato-kagura,
traditional performing arts carried on three locations in Kathmandu, Nepal.
Matsuri-bayashi music is performed by five musicians: one on fue (flute), two on shime-daiko (small drum), one on oh-daiko (large drum) and one on kane (bell). The music creates excitement with its lively melodies, and supports Shinto rituals with its pure timbres.
Shishi-mai (lion dance) is a folk entertainment performed to pray for good health. We present the dance in the New Year period, going from house to house in the area, and also perform it before a large audience as one of the local New Year events.
Sato-kagura, a type of Shinto ritual performance with motifs from Kojiki and Nihonshoki legend, is a pantomime made up of music and movement only. Like the comical attendant’s dance called “modoki,” for example, or the “dance of the gods” performed to purify a site, Sato-kagura has a fascination and power unique to Japanese performing arts.
In Kathmandu, traditional Japanese performing arts are practically unknown. By presenting these performances in the city of Kathmandu, we aim to bring widespread recognition to Japanese folk culture.


Ohmiyamae Local Performing Artists
Based at Kasuga Shrine in Suginami-ku, Ohmiyamae Local Performing Artists is committed to preserving and carrying on the Funabashi-ryu Hayama Matsuri-bayashi and Ohmiyamae Sato-kagura. Our participating members come from inside and outside the area and range in age from 2 to 80-something.
With regard to Sato-kagura, we are one of the rare preservation societies remaining in Tokyo which maintains the Kagura tradition with ujiko (shrine patrons) only.
Following a suspension of activity during the Pacific War, in 1946 the group was revived and the preservation society was formed.
It continues its activities, centered on the presentation of Matsuri-bayashi and Sato-kagura at regular festivals of Kasuga Shrine. In 1984 it was registered as the first Intangible Folk Cultural Property designated by Suginami ward government.


Ohmiyamae Local Performing Artists


Embassy of Japan in Nepal, Kathmandu, Nepal,
Shilpee Theatre, Kathmandu, Nepal,
Mitra Primary School, Kathmandu, Nepal