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  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Theater


Marionette theater has existed in Japan since the Edo period, and the Czech Republic also has a long tradition of marionette theater. Although these two countries are far apart and would seem to have nothing in common, in fact both countries excel in marionette theater, which pervades the culture of both. In this initiative, these distant marionette traditions meet on stage for a joint creation. Despite the shared marionette theater tradition, the way the puppets are manipulated and put together is completely different. It is these differences that will create a new style of puppet theater, and take performance to a new level.
The aim of this project is to produce new puppet theater that overturns conventions, and new works to be carried on into the future.


Director: Isshi Youki
Isshi Yuki was born in 1948. The third son of Youkiza leader Magozaburo Youki the 10th, he made his performing debut at the age of five. In 1972 he assumed the name Isshi Youki the 3rd.
Along with his pivotal role as heir to the classical marionette theater tradition passed down from the Edo period, Youki is developing a succession of new projects and innovative new plays.
In 2003 he became independent from Youkiza. Isshi is constantly making new discoveries in classical marionette theater and creating experimental theatrical forms in new works.
In June 2015 he visited the Czech Republic and Slovakia where he performed classical works to great acclaim. He is currently the director of ITO AYATSURI NINGYOU ISSHI-ZA.


Tamiko Yuki
Gakuenn Nishimachi,2-14-21-3F Kodaira-shi,Tokyo 187-0045


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