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Isso Yukimasa The thirteenth memorial ~Tradition to be inherited, Creating tradition

  • Organization : International Noh project committee
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Japanese Traditional Art


【Project Outline】
We organize concerts focused on the Noh-Hayashi, Noh music, and re-evaluate creativity, a particular concept of Noh as a distinctive art form, and its unique elements, which are still appreciated today.
The first half of the concert will feature musically characteristic pieces from a popular classical Noh play.
In the second half, a new composition for the Noh-Hayashi by Yukihiro Isso (hayashi-kata fue-kata) will be presented.
As well as keeping traditional elements of the Noh-Hayashi, Yukihiro has been exploring diverse approaches to his composition.
Performing his latest work gives audiences the opportunity to discover creativity and the ability of Noh music.
The attempt to see Noh from a musical perspective is anunexplored field, and it will offer a new direction for development in the Noh world.
To create new Noh-Hayashi is to establish a legacy looking ahead 100 years into the future.


Yukihiro Isso
Yukihiro is the eldest son of the late Yukimasa Isso, a national treasure and a legendary nohkan performer. Nohkan is the traditional transverse flute which is used to accompany Japanese Noh play. He also plays the shinobue and dengaku (traverse bamboo flutes used for traditional festivals across Japan) and a variety of western flutes including the recorder.
In 2011, Yukihiro performed Ikuma Dan’s Symphony No. 6 Hiroshima for soprano, nohkan, shinobue and orchestra (1985) with the Yomiuri symphony orchestra, which went on to receive the 24th Music Pen Club Award, (Classical Music Section).
Yukihiro has received the Creative Traditions Award from the Japan Arts Foundation and has been designated an” Important Intangible Cultural Asset” by the Japanese government.
In 2016,Yukihiro founded the International Noh Project Committee, and organized a highly successful concert at Kings Place, London.


International Noh project committee
4-22-17, Minami-ooizumi, Nerima-ku, Tokyo 178-0064
E-mail: info@issoyukihiro.com


National Noh Theatre (Shibuya City, Tokyo)