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Kineya Katsusiro 7th Nagauta Recital

  • Organization : Kineya Katsusiro
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single Individual
  • Art Forms : Japanese Traditional Art


This is an independently produced concert by Nagauta singer Kineya Katsushiro. Since the first edition in 1997, Kineya has endeavored to disseminate and promote Nagauta and Japanese traditional performing arts by considering and finding ways to encourage audience interest through selection of the theme and orientation of each concert, and by presenting performances of superior artistry. The theme this time is the Japanese “festival,” and the program consists of “Okinasenzaisanbanso” and Kineya’s own composition “Edo Suite.” In a conversation presented midway through the concert, Kineya Katsushiro and Kasai Seiji will convey the fascination of Nagauta in an accessible way. Performing musicians are Kineya Katsushiro, Tohon Ajimi Jun, Kineya Minosuke and others (Nagauta singers); Kineya Yusuke, Tohon Miyata Yutaka, Kineya Katsujuro and others (Nagauta shamisen); and Katada Kisaku and his Group (Hayashi – Nagauta, percussion and flutes).


【Kineya Katsushiro】
Born the eldest son of Kineya Washizo in 1959, Kineya Katsushiro became an accredited master of Nagauta Kinekatsu kai and took the name Kineya Takamitsu. After graduating from Tokyo University of the Arts, he won the Arts Festival New Artist Award for his first recital. He also founded Koko kai for the training of young musicians. In 2007, he succeeded to the name Kineya Katsushiro the Sixth, and performed in Kabuki productions featuring Onoe Kikugoro and Bando Tamasaburo. His fourth recital, “Yoen,” held in 2013, won the Arts Festival (Japanese Agency for Cultural Affairs) Grand Prize. Kineya’s wide-ranging activities include stage performance, participation in dance productions, TV and radio appearances, and stage music production. He is also active in various organizations related to traditional Japanese music.


Sei-ichi Igarashi, representative
Kineya Katsusiro
2-31-16, hanegi,Setagaya-ku,Tokyo 156-0042
E-mail: ban-mas@nifty.com


Kioi small hall (Chiyoda City, Tokyo)