What we do


  • Organization : Nuthmique
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Theater


Nuthmique, which up until that point was characterized by its continuously musical words, such as dialogue resembling musical scores and unique speech, set about a broad use of space and intense physical movement. With post-performance talks featuring different guests each time, Nuthmique came to give performances that expanded its audience.

Written and directed by Masashi Nukata
Performed by Aokid, Tsumugi Harada (Tokyo Deathlock), Shiho Fukasawa, Koji Yamazaki
Stage design and costumes by Mahaya Takara
Lighting by Ei Matsumoto (eimatsumoto Co.Ltd)
Sound by Masashi Nukata


A performing arts company led by Masashi Nukata, distinguished by its scripts, which are as delicately crafted as a musical score, and a directorial style emphasizing the musicality of speech. Nukata’s work garnered him the 16th Aichi Arts Foundation Drama Award for “The City Thereafter,” and best director award in the Director Competition of Komaba Agora Theater in 2018 for production of classical drama.


E-mail: nuthmique@gmail.com


Art Center BuoY, Adachi City, Tokyo