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Even and Odd Numbers

  • Organization : Ni-ka-san
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Theater


Led by photographer and director Arata Mino, Ni-ka-san is a performing arts company with a dramaturge and creative director. This is the first theatrical performance for five years created by Mino, who has staged many performances under his own name at galleries. This work leverages their spatial features. It tells the tale of the process by which the modern physical sense and perception of time is formed, layering the confined spaces of a camera obscura and a nuclear power plant over the black-box-like sealed room of a theater.

Writer/Director: Arata Mino
Dramaturge: Kenta Yamazaki
Creative Director: Kazuki Sugiura
Costumes: PUGMENT


Performing arts company led by photographer and director Arata Mino. It was established by Arata Mino after a few years of staging works under his own name, following the disbanding of Hippie-b, the “company examining the relationship between photography and the body,” which he had led since 2010. Mino’s main performances and exhibitions include “Human, Fish on the shore” (G/P gallery shinonome & the University Art Museum, Tokyo University of the Arts; 2016) and “Prepared for film” (SNAC & G/P gallery; 2014). At “Malformed Objects – Bricolage for myriads of other bodies” (Yamamoto Gendai; 2017), he exhibited works of contemporary fine art and staged a workshop and performance by Norimizu Ameya.


Kazuki Sugiura
E-mail: info.nikasan@gmail.com


Waseda Shogekijo Drama-kan Theater (Shinjuku City, Tokyo)