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AsiAn rib :Connect between Asia by play

  • Organization : AsiAn rib
  • Section : International project
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Theater


This project works towards international collaborations by Asian people across national boundaries and regions, with the aim of sending out messages from Asia to Asia and the world. This year there will be readings in Tokyo of Taiwanese and Korean plays, as well as readings in Taiwan of Japanese plays in translation and international collaborations.

・reading act in Taipei
“Reception” Japanese and Chinese version
by MInoru Betsuyaku
translation: Rieko Yamazaki
Director: Haoqin Peng
Artist: E-RUN, and others

・Korean and Taiwanese reading act in Tokyo
“Wandering theater”
written by:
Director: Nanao Kobayashi(Ryuzanji Company)

“Snow on the roof”
by Shoji Koukami
translation: Rieko Yamazaki
director: Tomoko Kawaguchi

“Trance” Chinese version
by Shoji Kokami
Director;Menghuan Lin
translation: Rieko Yamazaki
Scenography & costume : Yoko Takeuchi
Artists: Haoqin Peng, Junpeng Zhou and others


【AsiAn rib】
Launched in 2017, this project introduces Japanese translations of plays from Asia, as well as taking Japanese plays translated into Chinese and Korean to Asian countries. The purpose is for these works to generate collaborative works between Japan and other Asian countries, which can be transmitted to Asia and the rest of the world. Aside from its core members, AsiAn rib is a fluid project engaging with various artists, and creating works in a variety of styles.


Yuka Fujita
Production manager
AsiAn rib


Union Hospital, Taipei City, Chinese Taipei
Woolloomooloo Woo Ximending, Taipei City, Chinese Taipei
Space Waseda (Shinjuku city,Tokyo)
Guling Street Avant-garde Theatre, Taipei City, Chinese Taipei