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Co. Ruri Mito Europe Tour 2017

  • Organization : Co. Ruri Mito
  • Section : International project
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Dance


Ruri Mito has achieved many respectable results internationally as a dancer and choreographer. This is a tour of her latest solo piece “Matou.” Since the premiere in 2015, she has been working on and updating the piece. At some International choreography competition and festivals she has participated, like Seoul International Choreography Festival, this piece has receipt high reputations from many foreign festival directors. They invited Ruri Mito to their festivals and she performs in Finland, France, Bulgaria, and Lithuania.


【Ruri Mito】
Ruri Mito was born in Tokyo in 1982. She started dance at 5 years old and graduated from the Japan Women’s College of Physical Education. She is now actively performing in many countries. She has also worked with choreographers such as Damien Jalet, Sasha Walts, and so on.


Co. Ruri Mito


Le Colombier, Bagnolet, France、
Boris Hristov, Plovdiv, Bulgaria、
National Kaunas Drama Theatre, Kaunas, Lithuania