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12th Work 「Horobi no kuni」

  • Organization : Rojick
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Theater


Impatiently waiting for the return of her husband, who is wrapped up in another woman, a homemaker living in a housing complex invites a young man in, and starts an impulsive fling with him.
From then on, the woman can’t stop thinking of anything except the young man.
He lives in a share house, an environment that sanctions temporary superficial relations and facilitates their mutual comfort.
Which of our lives are in ruins — his or mine?
The share house as a place of communal living with other people and a symbol of today, and the housing complex as a symbol of the past form the two primary settings for this comprehensive portrayal of the loneliness and confusion of a man and a woman as a result of the stagnation and constraints of their relationships.

Performed by: Naoko Yoshimoto, Ryo Mitsuya, Shuji Okui, Asuka Kurosawa, Coco Otake, Zuru Onodera, Kayo Qmoto, Takaki Namekawa, Bobmi Hidaka, Kana Yamada, others
Written and directed by: Kana Yamada
Stage direction: Ayumu Doi
Set design: Masahiro Norimine
Lighting: Yumiko Otsu (Colore)
Sound: Rie Tsunoda
Producer: Mari Miyahara
Planning and production: Rojick


Theater troupe formed in 2010 by ex record company promoter and current troupe leader Kana Yamada. Rojick’s works depict people who struggle against a lack of true communication in the liberalized lifestyles of contemporary society, and against a sense of their own age inappropriateness and inability to grow up completely. The group’s 8th work “Arakawa, God Killer Tune” was conceived from a real incident caused by limited human interaction and the social tendency of avoiding interference in other people’s business. The piece garnered the troupe the Grand-Prix from the theater web portal CoRich Theater Arts Festival in 2014, as well as the award for best theater company from Sun-mall Studio in 2014.


Mari Miyahara
Tel: +81-(0)80-5526-7505


Shimokitazawa Honda Theater(Setagaya City, Tokyo)