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Let's Go to the Museum!

  • Organization : knock-knock
  • Section : None
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Visual Art / Media Art


“Let’s Go to the Museum!” is an art appreciation workshop in which kids living in children’s care facilities are invited to museums during weekends, holidays and long breaks like summer vacation, and enjoy works of art together with art communicators. An invitation is sent in advance to each participant. In the workshop, through pair work by kids and art communicators, relaxed conversation on the way to the venues, and icebreaking activities using cards about the artwork, we offer art appreciation experiences that are quite unlike school lessons and tailored to each individual child. The program’s distinctive characteristic is the enjoyment of art in situations where grownups and children converse as equals and individual realizations and discoveries are respected. Through various works of art and encounters with art communicators, the workshop creates opportunities for children to learn about diverse values and ways of life and to connect with society.


As art communicators–people who connect art with human beings–”knock-knock” was created out of a desire to provide qualitative support, not through “things” but through art and relationships, to people facing various social issues. Making use of cultural facilities like museums (art and others), we plan and manage art involvement programs that participants can enjoy in an independent way. The aim is to create environments where people with few opportunities to access art–for reasons such as disability, illness, or living in a care facility–can encounter art, and encounter diverse value systems through art. “knock-knock” was established in April 2014 by resident volunteer art communicators in the “Tobira Project,” a program co-organized by the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum and Tokyo University of the Arts. Currently it is run mainly by art communicators who have completed their term in that project.


Kaoru Yamaki


Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum(Taito City, Tokyo)