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Toru Fukuhara Recital vol.9

  • Organization : Toru Fukuhara
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single Individual
  • Art Forms : Japanese Traditional Art


Through his planning, organization, composition and performance activities, Japanese flute (fue) player Fukuhara carries out solo performance–a rarity in traditional performance structures–as well as collaborative performances with musicians free from the constraints of established genres. These concerts open up new possibilities for the Japanese flute, further the development of music handed down in the framework of tradition, and pursue the creation of new musical forms.

1. From the nagauta work “Ataka no Matsu”
2. Solo 06 (composed by Toru Fukuhara – premiere performance)
3. Take no odori / Shiroi tsuki (Take no odori composed by The Sixth Hyakunosuke Fukuhara [The Fourth Sanzaemon Takara]; Shiroi tsuki composed by Toru Fukuhara)
4. From Hamlet by William Shakespeare, translation by Shoyo Tsubouchi (composed by Toru Fukuhara) – premiere of revised version

Toru Fukuhara (traditional hayashi fue); Osamu Kobayakawa, Yasuki Kobayakawa (shite-kata Kanze-style Noh performance); Ryochu Miyako (ichu-bushi Joruri recitation); Hyakunosuke Fukuhara (traditional hayashi performance)

Principal personnel
Production: Shigeru Kurokouji
Stage direction: Masatsugu Kiyono


【Toru Fukuhara】
Fukuhara began his training with The Fourth Sanzaemon Takara, and graduated from the Department of Traditional Japanese Music at Tokyo University of the Arts. He subsequently started composing music primarily for fue while continuing his activities as a traditional hayashi fue player in the field of traditional Japanese performance, including participation in nagauta and koto music concerts, nihon buyo dance and Kabuki performances, broadcasts, and overseas productions. For the first Toru Fukuhara Recital in 2001, he received the National Arts Festival Grand Prize from Japan’s Agency for Cultural Affairs, and to date he has carried out nine recitals in this series. Starting in 2002 he also performed a series of six bimonthly concerts of new works. Fukuhara has held successive posts as a lecturer at Tokyo University of the Arts, Seisen University, and Ritsumeikan University, among others, and is currently a lecturer at NHK Culture Center.


Shigeru Kurokouji
Association for the Promotion of Japanese Traditional Music
3-3-9-320 Kamiosaki, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 141-0021


Kioi Small Hall (Chiyoda City)