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Tsugumi Yamamoto 25-string koto Solo Recital Vol.3

  • Organization : Tsugumi Yamamoto
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single Individual
  • Art Forms : Japanese Traditional Art


This is Yamamoto’s third 25-string koto solo recital. Her program aims for the creation of a new form of koto song through the performance of four solo pieces, including works that combine koto and singing.

1. Jo no Uta (A Prelude)
Music composition: Kazuyuki Taguchi
2. Jo no Uta
Music composition: Kazuyuki Taguchi
Poetry: Michizo Tachihara
3. Koto-uta “Snow falling down”
Music composition: Joji Yuasa
Poetry: Tatsuji Miyoshi
4. Riverberation
Music composition: Aki Mori
5. Pipa Xing (after a poem of Boju yi) per Koto a 25 corde
Music composition: Akira Ifukube

Performer: Tsugumi Yamamoto (25-string koto)
Stage setting: Kinkohdo
Lighting: Kawamoto Stage Lighting Design
Stage supervision: STAGEMIND. Inc.


【Tsugumi Yamamoto】
Tsugumi Yamamoto, a 25-string koto player, studied under Sōju Nosaka as an intern with the Japanese Agency for Cultural Affairs’ Artist Training Program. Yamamoto has since developed her career as a koto player, expanding her free range of expression through premieres of pieces by contemporary composers, improvisational performances featuring piano, percussion, whistling, and paint, and works that incorporate song and the spoken word. Yamamoto released her solo album Tsumugu [Spinning the thread] in 2015 and gave a solo concert in New York with the financial support of Arts Council Tokyo.


Tsugumi Yamamoto
koto performer
E-mail: tsugumi1725@gmail.com


Kioi Small Hall (Chiyoda City, Tokyo)