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Whenever Wherever Festival 2018

  • Organization : Body Arts Laboratory
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Interdisciplinary


Whenever Wherever Festival 2018 was the eighth dance festival sponsored by the artist-led organization Body Arts Laboratory. The program, organized around the theme of “concessions as leased land,” included performances, discussions, exhibits, and other programs curated by four artists. Multiple programs took place simultaneously over a period of four days in the underground BUoY-Kitasenju Art Center, which was divided into six areas. Participants were encouraged to think of the festival space as pay-by-the-hour leased land, and create autonomous territories within each area of this so-called city.
Curators: Mari Fukutome, Aokid, YutaroMurakoso, Kei Shichiri
Space Design: ToshikatsuKiuchi, RikuYamakawa
Director: Kota Yamazaki


Body Arts Laboratory (BAL)
Established in 2008 as an artist-led dance organization (Director: Kota Yamazaki). In addition to organizing the Whenever Whatever Festivals in Tokyo (2009–2015 and 2018), the organization conducts research activities such as critiques and interviews, the results of which it publishes primarily online. BAL aims to support artists in the communication activities that accompany their creative work.


e-mail: bal@bodyartslabo.com


BUoY (Adachi City, Tokyo)