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SHIBUYA Zunchaka!

  • Organization : SHIBUYA Zunchaka COMMITTEE
  • Section : Support for Citizen-led Cultural Activities
  • Type of Grant Program : Single


Shibuya itself provides the stage for this music festival, whose trademark is a fun musical experience for all, regardless of musical knowledge, ability to play an instrument, race, gender, age or disability. For example, the event features “participatory sessions” in which groups of people meeting for the first time get together and perform; various “city stages” throughout Shibuya will host performances by various people recruited through a wide-reaching public appeal; and there will be music workshops which even those with no musical experience can enjoy.


With the aim of cultivating municipal pride in the ever-changing district of Shibuya ahead of the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games in Tokyo, this initiative hopes to boost the number of citizens generating music culture activities under their own steam. To that end, SHIBUYA Zunchaka! is not organized according to top-down leadership, but led by citizen volunteers from the planning and development stage. In order to ensure operability and intensity of experience for everyone involved, professionals in each field will act as guides to attend and assist.


Yoshiaki Enomoto
Administrative Office
E-mail: info@shibuya-zunchaka.com


Shibuya-ku, various locations