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Tokyo Documentary Film Festival

  • Organization : neoneo henshushitsu
  • Section : Support for Citizen-led Cultural Activities
  • Type of Grant Program : Single


A film festival gathering documentary works shot in and outside of Japan which transcend the boundaries of movies, television, and video streaming. After a rigorous screening process, 10 full-length films and 24 short films out of 150 open call submissions (mainly from Tokyo residents) have been selected for screening, and will compete for the Grand Prix and other awards. Additionally, audiences can experience the entertaining and exciting aspects of the documentary genre through six themed special screenings. These include a feature on the 1964 Olympics titled “Showa’s Radiance: The Tokyo Olympics, ” and introductions to versatile filmmaker/director Shinkichi Noda. After screenings, there will be filmmakers’ discussion forums where the new and old generations of creators and audience could engage with each other.


【neoneo henshushitsu】
For 11 years from 2001, Hiro Fuseya (formally a producer at filmmaking collective Ogawa Productions) distributed a bimonthly e-mail newsletter on documentaries under his own steam. Based on this track record, since January 2012 he has been publishing the magazine “neoneo” and running website “neoneo web” with a staff of seven. With contributions from external directors and critics, neoneo has created a fertile and exciting critical arena. Following publication of the magazine, it holds special feature screening events and talks.


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neoneo henshushitsu
Hiroo Fuseya


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