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lal banshees New Work Moonlight Pool

  • Organization : SANROKU
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Dance


A performance of the new work by lal banshees, the dance company of Ayano Yokoyama, a principal dancer for dance troupe TOKYO ELECTROCK STAIRS led by dancer/choreographer KENTARO! Founder Yokoyama takes charge of choreography and direction. With all- original music and choreography, this second stand-alone performance for lal banshees pursues the relationship between dance and music.

Choreography and direction/performance: Ayano Yokoyama
Performers: asamicro, Yui Kitagawa (Momonga Complex), Yu Gotoh, Ayaka Suga, Riko Sugawara, Miyuki Nishina
Lighting: Noriyuki Mori (balance, Inc.DESIGN)
Sound: Daisuke Hoshino (Sound Wees)
Stage direction: Yuji Shirosaki
Costume: Machi Azegami
Publicity art illustrations: Emi Ozaki
Publicity art/WEB design: Ayano Yokoyama
Video footage: Shin Iribe
Production: Marie Takimoto / Crackersboat


Ayano Yokoyama
Born in Nagano Prefecture, Yokoyama began studying modern dance at an early age. After moving to Tokyo in 2006, along with stage work she worked on collaborative performances with musicians and other artists at live music clubs. From 2009 onwards, she has appeared as a troupe member in all performances held in Japan and overseas by the KENTARO!!-led dance company TOKYO ELECTROCK STAIRS. Besides solo creative projects, Yokoyama works on choreography for music videos. She was chosen as a finalist in the 2016 Toyota Choreography Award, the competition’s final year. Her work embodies musical dance that presents slices of the ordinary in a fantastical way, and then returns them to reality.


Ayano Yokoyama
E-mail: yokoyamanaa@gmail.com


Theatre Tram (Setagaya City, Tokyo)