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Satoh Sakichi Theatrical Festival 2018 in Kita City

  • Organization : Satoh Sakichi Theatrical Festival Committee
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Theater


The Satoh Sakichi Theatrical Festival is held biannually in Kita city, Tokyo, and many theatrical companies, especially young generations, are involved. At this time, we held the festival for 40 days, with about 30 performances at 10 venues.
The festival involved the entire Kita city (Oji area). We collaborated with local companies and shops union, and cooperated with citizen volunteers.
Furthermore, the festival was positioned as part of the Tokyo Culture Program for the Tokyo Olympic/Paralympic Games to be held in 2020.


Satoh Sakichi Theatrical Festival Committee
Satoh Electronics Inc. established the Oji Fringe Theatre in 1998 as a Mécéna project, and actively uses it as a method to support young artists. The Oji Fringe Theatre also began a committee to run the Satoh Sakichi Theatrical Festival, an invitation-only festival that bears the name of the company’s founder. This committee carefully selects artists which will bring a greater level of performances to the theatre than the theatre’s regular projects. The festival has been held every two years since 2004.


Daisuke Kitagawa
Committee Chairperson
Satoh Sakichi Theatrical Festival Committee
1-14-4 B1 floor, Kita-ku, Tokyo 114-0002
E-mail: satohsakichisai@gmail.com


Hanamaru Group Oji Fringe Theatre, Oji Studio 1, Hoku Topia (Sakura Hall, Tsutsuji Hall, Pegasus Hall, Canary Hall), Asukayama Noh Stage (in Asukayama Park), Sun Square Plaza, BASEMENT MONSTAR, Cocokita (Kita City, Tokyo)