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Nagamekurasitsu 10th Year Anniversary Performance "Ura no Ura ha (The other side of the other side,)"
setagaya kodomo project 2018 《stage ver.》

  • Organization : Nagamekurasitsu
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Dance


“Ura no Ura ha (The other side of the other side)” was created as a compilation of work by Nagamekurasitsu, the only Japanese theatrical company that has continually created contemporary circus over the last ten years. People don’t mix with each other even though they are close by, and seem to be going somewhere without being able to quite reach each other. Nagamekurasitsu weaves feelings like these, experienced by all of us in moments of frustration, together with poetic physical forms of expression and set design which don’t rely on words. Additionally featuring live musical performances, this is poetic contemporary circus incorporating everything from visual beauty to technical wonder.

Choreographer/ Director: Yosuke Meguro
Music: Hiromichi Sakamoto
Stage Design: Tomoko Kamada
Costume: Kaori Tamura(HAReGI)

Yosuke Meguro, Aimi Hasegawa, Kai Taniguchi, Hachiro, Ako Yasuoka, Aki Yoshida, Anna Irite

Yūki Sugahara, Yoomi Tamai, Hiromichi Sakamoto


Centering around juggler Yosuke Meguro, Nagamekurasitsu was formed in 2008. Aiming to produce a stage environment fusing art objects, physical movement and music, the troupe creates pieces collectively, using juggling as a form of physical expression going beyond the boundaries of the genre. The troupe also actively engages in cross-genre collaborations, receiving acclaim both in Japan and overseas in recent years as a contemporary circus centered on juggling and music. Nagamekurasitsu is active in a variety of spheres, from street performance and festivals to workshops and stage performances.


Yuko Okumura
Company Manager
Tel: +81-(0)90-8597-7552
E-mail: info@nagamekurasitsu.com


Theatre Tram,Setagaya City,Tokyo