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dance ga mitai!20 ~ Tatsumi Hijikata《Yameru Maihime》

  • Organization : 「dance ga mitai!」Executive Committee
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Dance


This is a staging of late butoh dancer Tatsumi Hijikata’s publication “Yameru Maihime” (“Ailing Dancer”), performed by seven dancers and dance troupes. Ikumi Otsuka, who won the Committee’s separate dance festival project “dance ga mitai!” Newcomer series 15 (held in December 2016) with Kedagoro, as well as the Audience Award, will give a prizewinning performance of “Yameru Maihime.” Also in “dance ga mitai!” Newcomer series 16 to be held in January 2018, repeat performances of prizewinning works in the Newcomer Award and Audience Award will be added to the program.


「Dance ga mitai!」Executive Committee
The Dance ga mitai! Executive Committee was newly launched by former members of the small theater “die pratze” (which closed its doors in 2012), together with performers and critics who were involved in die pratze’s festival “Dance ga mitai!” They continue to carry out planning and production centering on the Dance ga mitai! project. Its sister project, the competition “Dance ga mitai! Newcomer Series,” has been held 16 times as of 2018 and has become a gateway to success for up and coming dancers. The group’s current representative is Keiichi Hayashi, who took over the post from Jiro Yoshimura in July 2012.


Keiichi Hayashi
「Dance ga mitai!」Executive Committee
E-mail: hayashikeiich@gmail.com


Theater d-soko, Arakawa City, Tokyo