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3rd Noh and Kyogen Performance with simultaneous sign language

  • Organization : Roppeita XIV Commemorative Foundation
  • Section : None
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Japanese Traditional Art


This project started in 2016 with the aim of creating an environment for both non-hearing and hearing people to enjoy theater together. The Japanese Theatre of the Deaf, which has received acclaim at home and abroad for its performances of kyogen in Japanese Sign Language, showcases a classic repertoire of kyogen in Japanese Sign Language, and the project scores a first for the world of Noh with its trial performance of Noh – also by the Japanese Theatre of the Deaf – with simultaneous sign language interpreting. The third performance in the series in 2018 featured a staging of Funa-Benkei (Benkei in a Boat) with a new sign language script, and performances evolve each year; for example, the performers themselves incorporate Noh–like sign language into their performances. Moreover by using the “Listening Through The Body” system supplied by electronics giant Pioneer Corporation, organizers hope the combination of sign language interpreting and physical sensation will go towards creating a complete theater service and experience for the hearing–impaired.


Roppeita XIV Commemorative Foundation
The foundation’s activities are designed to keep alive the legacy and achievements of contemporary Noh legend Roppeita Kita, the 14th head of the “Shite Kata” Kita School of Noh, as well as to maintain and operate the Kita Noh Theatre, headquarters of the Kita School. The group also aims to broadly spread and pass on the art of the Kita School of Noh in Japan and overseas to beginners, the younger generations and non-Japanese through Noh performances and other hands–on projects.


Genichi Shimizu
General Manager
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Kita Roppeita XIV Commemorative Noh Theatre, Shinagawa City, Tokyo