What we do

Let's go to the Museum

  • Organization : knock-knock
  • Section : In Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Visual Art / Media Art


This is an art program for the children living at foster homes. We provide weekend field trips to museums for children including those with handicaps. This year, 55 children from 4 foster homes joined the program, which means that a total of 100 people including knock-knock art communicators visited the 4 museums and spent valuable time indulged in art.
We provide programs that are tailor-made for each foster home after discussing with the staff, the needs of each foster home through questionnaires and interviews.
Before the day of the trip, we send personal invitation cards to the children to share which art pieces to see, On the day of the trip, we start the program at the railroad station near-by the museum. A child and a ‘knock-knock volunteer’ form a pair so that the child can feel at home.
At the Museum, children appreciate the art pieces with a variety of viewpoints; by him/herself, by pairs, and in groups.
After lunch break, children work on their ‘art-files.’ From their memory, they draw pictures and write impressions of the arts pieces that they have seen.
The day ends after a relaxed art-walk, such as enjoying outdoor sculptures.
After the trip, we send them thank you cards with photos of the trip and booklets to share memories of the museum field trip.
Later, children send us sincerely thank you letters with, in many cases, a wish-list of museums that they would like to visit on the next trip.


knock-knock is founded in April 2014 by 3 Tobira project volunteers (‘art-communicators’) at Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum*Tokyo University of the Arts. ‘knock-knock’ has provided art programs for children living in foster homes who did not have opportunity to visit museums by themselves. This program called ‘Let’s Go to Museums’ has been conducted 19 times with participation of total of 155 children ages 6 to 18 living at four foster homes.
In August 2017、knock-knock has been commissioned to an inclusive art program from ‘Museum Start i-Ueno.’


Kaoru Yamaki, Tomoko Nagao
Joint representative
E-mail : knock2info@mail.com


The National Art Center Tokyo, Minato City, Tokyo
Tokyo National Museum. Taito City, Tokyo
Ueno Zoo, Taito City, Tokyo
The Museum Bunkamura. Shibuya City, Tokyo
Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum. Taito City, Tokyo