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150th GANNENMONO Celebration “Harmony of Japan”
The traditional Japanese dance to link Hawaii and Japan forever

  • Organization : Specified Nonprofit Corporation Harmony of Japan
  • Section : International project
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Interdisciplinary


2018 marks 150 years since Japanese immigrants first arrived in Hawaii. In celebration of this history, various local Hawaiian groups have put together the GANNENMONO COMMITTEE, who have been coordinating a variety of events across the Hawaiian Islands for the 150th GANNENMONO celebrations. GANNENMONO is the name given to the 150 Japanese immigrants who went over to Hawaii from Yokohama in the first year (gannen) of the Meiji Period. Having begun activities in Hawaii in 2013, our organization has been involved in Japan Foundation performances, the Emperor’s Birthday, diplomatic inauguration ceremony receptions, doll festivals, U.S.-Japan Council Hawaii conventions, and exchange projects with The University of Hawaii Gagaku Ensemble, the Japan-America Society of Hawaii (JASH) and Punahou School through the auspices of Japanese diplomatic missions. This event is the result of being recognized for our work carrying out many such exchanges over the past five years, and subsequently invited by organizations affiliated with the GANNENMONO COMMITTEE to hold this performance.

We have structured this program in line with requests from local people who want to see dance in the Kabuki tradition. It features “Medley of Traditional Songs” and “Shiki no Hana” (Gidayu “Sanbaso,” Nagauta “Kiku Zukushi,” Nagauta “Shakkyo,” and Nagauta “Shizuka to Tomomori”) to accompany the dances. The classical Japanese dance performers will employ authentic wigs, make-up and costumes, and Japanese folk musician Anju Madoka will perform the medley of songs with self-accompaniment on shamisen.
Please find details of the principle dancers and staff members below.

Japanese classical dance performers:
Takamasa Fujima (Representative Director of Harmony of Japan), Keijiro Wakayagi, Ryuyo Kawamoto, Magane Fujima, Takayui Fujima, Takachika Fujima, Takakage Fujima, Takanori Fujima, Takanosuke Fujima
Shamisen, Minyo (Japanese fork song):
Anju Madoka
Shinya Morino (Shochiku), Kazuyuki Asai (Tokoyama Kashiwaya), Yoko Hirano, Atsuko Kaizuka


Specified Nonprofit Corporation Harmony of Japan・Takamasa Fujima
Takamasa Fujima is a Japanese traditional dancer born in Tokyo in 1971. After graduating from the playwriting course of Nihon University College of Art, he has continued to create new types of Japanese traditional dance. He has participated in commercial theatrical performances since 2003. He has also been in charge of choreography in a variety of plays and dramas on TV. In addition, he has actively taken part in many overseas dance performances and workshops. In recent years, he organized “Specified Nonprofit Corporation Harmony of Japan” and has held Japanese dance performances in Hawaii, France, Russia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Dalian supported by the Japan Foundation and Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan.
He has held special performances of Japanese traditional performing art in Hawaii in 2018 supported by Arts Council Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture) and the Japan Foundation.


Takamasa Fujima
Representative Director
Specified Nonprofit Corporation Harmony of Japan


Higashi Hongwanji Hawaii Betsuin, Hawaii, U.S.A.
Hongwanji Mission School, Hawaii, U.S.A.
Consulate General of Japan in Honolulu, Hawaii, U.S.A.
University of Hawaii at Manoa Music Department Orvis Auditorium, Hawaii, U.S.A.
Punahou School, Hawaii, U.S.A.