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Baobab The 2018 San Francisco International Arts Festival (SFIAF) tour

  • Organization : Baobab
  • Section : International project
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Dance


Building on its showcase performance at TPAM 2017, dance company Baobab was invited to the San Francisco International Arts Festival (SFIAF), where the troupe gave its first overseas performance. As an organization which aims amongst other things to introduce artists and companies from all over the world who have never performed in the US before, SFIAF’s mission is to contribute to cultural diversity and international cultural exchange. The troupe performed “Laughing Frame,” and Wataru Kitao also ran a workshop for local dancers.

Program: “Laughing Frame”
Choreography, composition and direction: Wataru Kitao
Performers: Yu Okamoto (TABATHA), Saori Yoneda, Fuyuko Mezawa, Wataru Kitao


Director Wataru KITAO creates and choreographs all works.
For each works, KITAO casts suitable dancers and actors regardless of career or features and make them danceable. KITAO creates own style mixed with many genres like Hip Hop, Jazz and Contemporary dance and play.
In the event, Baobab contains some young dance company or dancer and makes relationship with another performers and introduces them to the audience. Baobab host festival “DANCE×Scrum!!!” from 2016.


Fuyuko Mezawa
E-mail: baobab.k08@gmail.com


Fort Mason Center Firehouse (San Fransisco, U.S.A.)